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Greenville, SC


Bridal and contemporary jewelry handmade by Danielle Miller in Greenville, SC - Inspired by geometry and nature - Using conflict-free diamonds, moissanites and recycled metals.

Dissecting the Hottest Fall Colors

Danielle Miller Jewelry - BLOG

Dissecting the Hottest Fall Colors

Danielle Miller-Gilliam

Each spring and fall Pantone releases their latest fashion color report, detailing the hottest new shades for the upcoming season. This fall they are proud to introduce, along with Marsala, a gorgeous terracotta red, that debuted earlier this year as the 2015 Pantone Color of the Year, nine additional colors, that if you’re like me, will make you want to ditch your old winter wardrobe and fill it with clothes and accessories resplendent in these mouthwatering shades. 



Dried Herb - Perhaps not the best named color, Dried Herb is everything you think of when you think fall…and more. Organic, earthy and subtle, many reviews consider this shade to be military inspired; while others, myself included, lean more toward an androgynous unisex vibe. Dried Herb lends itself to becoming incorporated as a neutral would, allowing you to build your wardrobe around this one nature inspired sophisticated color.  

Desert Sage - What would fall be without a little sage? Oh wait…maybe that’s Thanksgiving I’m thinking of and all that yummy sage stuffing. Anyhoo, for your upcoming fall wardrobe Desert Sage is the perfect neutral. The greenish/gray tone has Mother Nature to thank for her inspiration. Resilient enough to be considered timeless, you’ll want to include this classic neutral throughout the entire season. 


Cashmere Rose - Who says fall colors have to be dull and boring? Cashmere Rose pays homage to a gentler era, one full of soft pastels, flowing dresses, and wallpaper and upholstery featuring floral prints. There is no limit on how this tactile and muted pink color can be assimilated into your home and wardrobe. 


Cadmium Orange - Were you around during the swinging 60’s? If so, this bright and playful orange will have you once again flashing the peace sign and frequently using the word “groovy.” And even if this era was before your time, trust me; Cadmium Orange will have you feeling peace, love and flower power even in the dead of winter. 

Oak Bluff - When you experience this shade for the very first time, you’ll think gold and yellow got married and had a baby! A very warm color that has its mellow side, Oak Bluff will give you hope no matter how cold and snowy the winter, spring is right around the corner. 


Biscay Bay - The winter equivalent of summer turquoise, Biscay Bay shouts “blue,” then quickly whispers “green,” making you want to catch a plane to a sunny secluded tropic island with a sandy white beach and your own personal cabana boy. 

Stormy Weather - Introduce this dramatic shade to your home or wardrobe and you’ll be wandering around humming the melody to Lena Horne’s hit song by the same name. Not quite a blue, not quite a gray, the rich darkness suggests the type of quality that only comes with true luxury. 

Reflecting Pond - A blue so rich and deep it almost seems to be charcoal, Reflecting Pond is a shade with substance. This color isn’t wishy-washy. It lets you know it means business and is here to stay long past Fall 2015. 


Amethyst Orchid - “Unique, bold, creative and exciting” the description used by Pantone fits this bright vibrant color to a tee. Additional verbiage would just be overkill. 

Searching for exciting new fall jewelry to help capture and enhance these gorgeous colors? Please check out my full line of bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces. Don’t see exactly what you had in mind? Contact me today and let’s discuss the custom piece of your dreams.