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Greenville, SC


Bridal and contemporary jewelry handmade by Danielle Miller in Greenville, SC - Inspired by geometry and nature - Using conflict-free diamonds, moissanites and recycled metals.

True love made in the Mountains...

Danielle Miller Jewelry - BLOG

True love made in the Mountains...

Danielle Miller-Gilliam

Aaron & Shannon's palladium rings made by Danielle Miller Jewelry. Photo credit: Jeff Woodward.

Aaron & Shannon's palladium rings made by Danielle Miller Jewelry. Photo credit: Jeff Woodward.

Several months ago, Aaron contacted to to make a palladium chiseled wedding ring for him. After receiving it, his fiancé Shannon decided she wanted a matching band but she had an unusual shaped rose cut diamond engagement ring. After discussing a few design options with her, Shannon decided to have me re-work her engagment ring and to have the chiseled wedding band notched to protect the stone. Both Aaron and Shannon were happy customers: "The rings are AMAZING! Everything I could have wished for, so stunningly unique. Thank you so much!"

They were kind enough to share their love story with me...

Aaron and Shannon met in 2014 while they were both working at Eastern Mountain Sports. Shannon had recently moved to Burlington, VT for Medical School and Aaron, a nursing student at the time, found ways outside of work to keep building on his connection with Shannon. He starting recommending good trails in the area and soon they began to meet for study breaks. He claimed he wanted to hear about Shannon's gross anatomy lab (cadaver dissection) over coffee and lunch dates at school---sweet yet gross!!

In January of 2015, they went on their first hike together in the Adirondack High Peaks. Shannon believes you can tell a lot about your compatibility with someone based on how they are as a hiking partner.---Aaron was great to hike with! Shortly after, Shannon asked Aaron if he wanted to go to India with her for a month on a global health experience. He said YES!

Their relationship continued to strengthen over the months, while in the Indian Himalayas and on vacation in Germany. They both knew after spending everyday with each other for 30+ days, almost dying together on terrifying roads, hiking in stunning landscapes and enjoying amazing Indian food, German beer and pastries together that they wanted to marry each other.---But that seemed like a future adventure.


On September 5th 2015, Aaron and Shannon decided to camp for a night at "Sunset Ledge", a VT hiking spot duly named.  While looking at some of the brightest stars, Aaron got up on one knee and proposed. Shannon had to ask if he was serious a few times before saying YES! The proposal was unplanned (no ring---that would come later) but absolutely perfect, they were alone in the woods in warm September weather looking at a clear night's sky.

Almost two years have gone by since their engagement and Shannon and Aaron's relationship continues to strengthen. Aaron is now a RN working in the hospital and Shannon is in her last year of med school. They recently completed the Adirondack 46 High Peaks together---a few weeks before their wedding!

Photo credit: Jeff Woodward.

Photo credit: Jeff Woodward.

They love to mountain bike, rock climb, backpack and cook with each other. They look forward to enjoying their last year in Vermont and hopefully moving out West to explore bigger mountains next year for Shannon's pediatric residency.

IMG_7286 (1).JPG

Wedding photography: Jeff Woodward
All other photos courtesy of Shannon & Aaron
Rings: Danielle Miller Jewelry