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Danielle Miller Jewelry
P.O. Box 8514
Greenville, SC 29604


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Greenville, SC


Bridal and contemporary jewelry handmade by Danielle Miller in Greenville, SC - Inspired by geometry and nature - Using conflict-free diamonds, moissanites and recycled metals.


Craftsman Workshop

Craftsman - Wedding Ring Workshop: Create your wedding rings with your own hands! In Danielle Miller's workshop, she will teach you how to melt, mill, saw, form, solder and polish so you can create your wedding ring in this day long workshop.

Craftsman - Wedding Band Workshop

From Raw Material to Polished Ring

From raw material to final polish, you will spend the day under Danielle's tutorship, creating a perfectly made band for yourself and your partner.

In this workshop you will begin with raw metal. You will learn how to melt the metal, pour it into an ingot and then planish and mill it into your desired profile shape.

Then you will measure, cut, file, form, solder, sand and polish the rings to perfection.

  • This class is approximately 8 hours long.

  • $600 per couple/$550 individual plus material cost (determined by metal choice, finger size, ring style/shape and the most recent market price)

materials available:

  • 18k gold (yellow, pink)

  • 14k gold (yellow, pink)

  • sterling silver

  • *Due to difficulites in the pouring process white gold, palladium and platinum are not available for the Craftsman workshop. However, white gold, palladium and platinum are available for the Apprentice workshop.

ring styles/shapes available:

  • rectangle/flat

  • round

  • comfort fit

  • D-shape (comfort fit inside, flat outside)

  • half round (flat inside, domed outside)

ring finishes available:

  • high polish

  • matt finish

  • various hammer textures

engraving a personal message on inside of rings is included (if desired).

Customize Your Band Width

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Wedding Band Workshop Photo Gallery

  • See photos of the couples during the process of making their own bands with Danielle's guidance