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Danielle Miller Jewelry
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Greenville, SC


Bridal and contemporary jewelry handmade by Danielle Miller in Greenville, SC - Inspired by geometry and nature - Using conflict-free diamonds, moissanites and recycled metals.


They exceeded my expectations in every way.


The pieces just arrived, and all I can say is that they exceeded my expectations in every way. What can I say about these perfect custom pieces? They'll be treasured! Many thanks, Danielle, for your excellent communication; your collaborative spirit; and your spectacular craftsmanship. (Not to mention the prompt shipping and lovely packaging.)



It could not have been any better!

Photo courtesy of  Bliss Photogrpahy

Photo courtesy of Bliss Photogrpahy

We had so much fun, learned so much, and got to do things I never imagined we would get to do in the Make your own Wedding Band Workshop!  Our rings will be so special to us! Thank you Danielle, for giving us such a fantastic day, experience, and memory! Not to mention amazing rings! It could not have been any better!

-Julie & Eli


Danielle made it possible for my wife and I to have one of a kind wedding rings.


Danielle's skills and artistic eye made it possible for my wife and I to have one of a kind wedding rings. My wife, Pam happened to attend a bridal show where Danielle was showing her ring designs. We knew what we wanted. We wanted wedding rings like Pam's engagement ring. Danielle created a one of a kind wedding ring for me and restyled Pam's ring to match. Not to be out done, she then went on to create unique earrings for the bridesmaids based on Pam's engagement ring.

Danielle never hesitated to offer advise and was not stopped by the short few months we gave her to complete some lovely and unique pieces. Pam and I have gladly told whoever asks us Danielle is the maker of our rings

-Ken & Pam


" You made those yourself??

Photo courtesy of  Mary McKittrick Photography

Photo courtesy of Mary McKittrick Photography

The Make your own Wedding Band Workshop gave me the opportunity to repurpose a ring from my father (one of the few things that I have to remember him by) and it was amazing. To be honest, Rene’ and I were both concerned that what we’d end up with would not be anything worth bragging about, but we couldn’t be happier with the results. Danielle made it very easy to walk away with rings we could both be proud of. It’s been fun telling people the story about how we made them and the reaction is always one of surprise: “You made those yourself??”. I think it will be a story we tell for a long time. Thank you for your patience with us and for the great time and great experience we had.

-Joe & Rene’

He wears something he put his own sweat equity into making.

Photo courtesy of  Cureton Photography

Photo courtesy of Cureton Photography

The Make your own Wedding Band Workshop  instilled the concept of making something together that would then be worn to represent the bond between the two of us. The ability to spend the time & energy together creating the ring makes its significance that much stronger when we see it on Jordan's hand. Using pieces of jewelry passed down by the family that taught us how to love and supported us during our growing relationship, has also added to the sentiment of creating his ring.  Our preacher even touched on this during his presentation of our rings and was very impressed with the concept of what we had done.

Jordan loves knowing that he wears something he put his own sweat equity into making. As a guy that enjoys building things it added a perk of something "a little manly" to the wedding planning process - He got to build something with his hands & use tools, which was more up his alley than discussing venues, colors, food, music and flowers.

-Kristen & Jordan

We LOVE our rings and this day will always be a very fond memory in our hearts.


It was an absolutely great day for us and we had lots of fun! Danielle is amazing and we can HIGHLY RECOMMEND this workshop to everyone! You really do not need any experience. Danielle is wonderful and is helping out whenever you need it. We LOVE our rings and this day will always be a very fond memory in our hearts. Thank you, Danielle! We are so glad we had the pleasure doing this and working with you.

-Guthrie and Linda

Wedding Band Workshop Photo Gallery

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